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Ilexconf Documentation

ilexconf is a Python library to load and merge configs from multiple sources, access & change the values, and write them back. It has no dependencies by default but provides additional functions, relying on popular libraries to parse yaml, toml, provide command line app, etc.


  • Create empty config

    from ilexconf import Config
    config = Config()
  • Assign to non-existent keys

    config.a.b.c = True
  • Access values however you want

    config.a.b.c == True
    config["a"]["b"]["c"] == True
    config["a.b.c"] == True
    config["a.b"].c == True
    config.a["b.c"] == True
    config.a["b"].c == True
  • Correctly merge lists

    config.a.b.c = [
        {"d": "nested_value"}
    config.a.b.c[0] == "my_string"
    config.a.b.c[1] == Config({"d": "nested_value"})
    dict(config.a.b.c[1]) == {"d": "nested_value"}
  • Support json, ini, yaml, toml, python modules

    config = from_json("settings.json")
    config = from_python("")
  • Correctly merge configs

  • Support environment variables

  • Support command line arguments as configuration

  • Rich Command Line

    # Show config variables
    ilexconf list config.json
    # Set variable
    ilexconf set my_config.json my.key my_value


Every single example on this page is unit tested.

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